Chat room maybe?

Have you guys ever thought of setting up an IRC channel or adding a chat thingie to the website? I for one would definitely like a place to exchange thoughts with other blynk users and have some “light” entertainment between all the hours of coding super-duper Blynk projects :slight_smile:

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We might consider Slack for it. I think this is a great tool. The only problem is that it’s adding another channel of comms…

Nice idea. I had same thoughts. @Pavel I think we need to create one. Even we couldn’t participate a lot. It could be good for Blynkers.

I’ve created a Slack channel:

Those who want to participate - pm me your email, I’ll send invite

How do i PM?

Please invite me to slack.

@Patchie Hello and Welcome to the Blynk Forum.

First, this is a very old topic…

Once you use this forum a bit longer, as an active participant, your account will automatically raise up. Next level you will be able to send PM by clicking on a users “name” and see the Message option.

Please don’t use it to request personal help!

I don’t think the Slack channel is used anymore…?