Channel Setting for Blynk connect

Does anybody know if there is a way to configure the channel Blynk use?

Problem is that ESPnow and Blynk disable each other, what should not happen if you use the same channel for both connection.

For example I use CHANNEL1 for ESPnow, but have no idea how to set the BLYNK connection to the same channel

Thanks for your help


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You should probably read this topic:


Thanks Pete,

seems it does not work.

What I can see when I follow the debug messages is that ESP needs STA mode and calls up AP-STA Mode while Blynk will bring the ESP in AP Mode where ESP does not work.

Actually Blynk should also work in APSTA but not sure where I can change the WIFI-Mode Settings.

For now I used a workaround and transfer the data two a second ESP per UART and send it from there then to Blynk.