Changing WiFi network

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Sorry if this question has been asked before, even tho I searched the forum first and didn’t find anything.

I’m a bit confused on how I can change my WiFi network, as I’m planning to take my hardware to another location than where I originally made it.
Reading WiFi provisioning - Blynk Documentation , the 10th step speaks about this, but I can’t really understand it.

  1. If you later need to connect to this device to a different network, WiFi credentials can be changed by using Blynk app, by resetting the device with a physical button (you would need to plan it into your electrical circuit design)

Are there 2 ways of doing it? Changing the WiFi credentials by using the app OR by resetting the device? Is there an * or* there ? I dont really understand what resetting the devices means.

I’ve tried to reconfigure the project in the app, but I can’t find my ESP32 when scanning. The step says that I need to change the credentials through the app, so I’m not sure that I’m in the right place anyway.

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The settings.h file defines the physical button on the board.
As I understand it, pressing this button puts the device into provisioning mode, and the app is then used to connect to the device and provision it.


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Pressing the Reset button on my board doesnt do anything.
I thought my board will connect automatically to the network my phone is also connected. I don’t understand why the app can’t find the device when I’m trying to reconfigure.

It’s not the reset button, it’s whatever button is defined in settings.h


Ok, so I have to add a psychical button to my project and replace the syntax from ResetButton.h with the GPIO im using for the button.

Hope I got it right .

That piece of code is about processing the button press, not defining which pin it’s attached to and whether it’s wired to be active LOW or HIGH.


The three dots next to wrench icon brings you to the information screen. Tap the three dots again, Reconfigure under actions will allow you to connect to a different WiFi network. Worked for me, hope this helps.


You mean this (reconfigure), right? Tried it, didnt work. I can’t find my device ( the esp )

Yes that reconfigure. Not sure if you are using Arduino IDE but I also had to change the setting under Arduino Tools - Erase Flash: "All Flash Contents " before loading the sketch. This will erase the previous WIFI settings.

Oh, im using PlatformIO with VSCode.

My problem is whenever electricity is on from off, I have to reconfigure again to connect to wifi by pressing flash button about 20 seconds. It is not convenient and automation can’t work too. Pls explain how can I make my nodemcu auto connect?

@thetnaing I dont really understand your description of the problem, or how it relates to this topic.

If you’re using the Edgent sketch and your board is failing to retain the WiFi credentials then that’s probably caused by a pin conflict in Setttigs.h for the board type that you have un-commented in your main .ino file.

Read this for more information, especially the “Defining your physical switch and LED” section:

Otherwise, I’d suggest that you start a new topic and explain in detail what your problem is and what settings/sketch you are using.


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