Changing range of the slider using Javascript

I am trying to adjust the range of the slider and display those values using the value displays. I’ve tried ‘Blynk.setProperty()’ but it says that it isn’t a function.

setProperty is available on Node.JS:
please re-check your code

With Node and Python libraries… each has it’s own syntax rules and variations.

With NodeJS, try without the capital B in the command…


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Thanks for the help guys but I am still having problems with this. Here is my line of code:

blynk.setProperty(V4, "max", 59);

When I try “max” unquoted, it says that max is not defined

It should be in quotes

When you say it should be in quotes what are you referring to as I’ve tried loads of variations? I’ve tried the above code and the max value of the slider hasn’t been affected.