Changing Physical LCD text with App

I am new to Blynk and am awaiting my ESP8266 to be delivered to use in conjunction with my Arduino Uno. Til then I am using the USB connection method. My Blynk app on Android seems to detect it fine and when I press a button, a TX/RX light goes off on the arduino itself. I am wondering how I could use the LCD module in the App to change the text on the physical LCD connected to the arduino.

I also tried the notifaction command in the arduino sketch and made a PUSH notification button, everytime I click it in the app, a light goes off on the arduino but I get no notifaction.

Heres the code:

I’ve already refreshed the authkey so no worries.

void loop()
Blynk.notify(“some text”);

You can’t do that. That’s why.

Ah. I was wondering that it may flood it. I added a delay and it seems to have worked. I did however have another idea to run a for loop inside the loop() and declaring int i = 0 at the very beginning of the code, the for loop inside the loop() had a condition of i<=1. so in theory it should run the for loop twice before stopping and never running again but I am getting no notification this way.
Heres the code:
I have removed the AuthKey for security.

It’s generally just a good idea to keep the things in the loop() just to and start the timers. Other than that I’d avoid putting anything in there.

Ah. I see. Is there some blynk command that can read the text I set in the LCD module settings of the android app, so that I can use that command to send the text I set in the app to my actual physical LCD connected to the arduino?

I’m not sure as to what you are trying to do. You can use regular lcd.print commands to set the text on your Blynk LCD. Meanwhile you could also set the same text on a physical LCD.

Right now I have a physical 16x2 LCD connected to my Arduino on a breadboard. What I am trying to do is to use the blynk app to somehow send some text to the arduino that will change the text on the physical LCD.

You can simply do that with a virtual button:


Put a button on V0 on your dashboard and you’re done I think :slight_smile: