Changing a Project Name

Can I change a project name without changing the authorization key? I’m doubting it, but it would be great if there was a way. My simple “LED” program has grown immensely and deserves a better name :wink:

I want to proceed cautiously here because the Arduino is about 90 miles from home, so I obviously can’t just run over there to change the key if that’s what’s required.

More importantly, can I use a project as a template to create a new project? (not cloning / sharing with someone else). Any help / advice here would be very appreciated.

You can do it, Token won’t be refreshed, sharing won’t be affected unless you refresh the token or revoke access by refreshing the QR code.


Stop the project in the app, press the nut icon and give it a new name but don’t forget to restart the project.

Worked fine. Enjoying Blynk. Thanks!

Worked as you said - just didn’t want to risk losing my connection at the other end. Thanks! I’m monitoring air conditioning performance (vent and room temperature) as I control the unit 90 miles away. Maybe I’ll reach a point soon where I can share it.

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