Change state virtual pin when i'm in home

Hi guys, my request is generic.
I built a home automation system, and I would like to change the status of a virtual pin when I am at home or near it. I state that the project is shared on 2 smartphones. What would you recommend? I thought through gps (but with 2 smathphone is a problem) or wifi connection

If you’re an Android user then you could try using the GPS Trigger widget, although you’d need to experiment with how it works when used on two phones.
If you’re an iOS user, or the GPS Trigger doesn’t work for you, you could look at IFTTT geofencing.


Do you use your own Blynk server (or have any server at home)? If so, you could probably run a script that checks if/when you’re connected to your WiFi and do a webhook callback. A long (long) time ago I was about to implement something similar, but abandoned the project due to lack of time. Do G**gle-Fu! :slight_smile: