Change Data Logging Frequency in CSV

Hello Blynkers.
I’m working on something where I’d like to have data logged everytime I push something onto the server. At least every second would be a very good start. For that I have my own local server running on a Raspberry 3 B+.

I just exported my first few CSVs and realized that it only averages all data received in one minute and stores that value. Is there a way to change the frequency on a local server so that I have one row every second in my csv? If not, is something planned to address this?

Thanks in advance!

Hello. Yes, you can do that on the local server with DB -

Thanks, I read about that already but I didn’t quite understand everything.

At the moment I’m exporting through Superchat>“export to csv”. Is the data then logged in that csv or do I need to access the data otherwise?

Can I separately enable the database for specific projects/users/devices/pins?

Yes. You can do export directly from attached DB.


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