Cennection problem raspberry pi 2 b+

Hi, im trying to make blynk works on a raspberry pi 2 b+ and my iphone. After i run the server on the raspberry it works for a few seconds and the the phone app tell me that raspberry is offline. When i restart the server it works again for a few seconds. Please help

Hey please help anyone had the same issue?

I am having the same issue as you it just works for a couple of seconds and it says “your Raspberry pi has been disconnected” and then I restart it and works again for a couple of seconds

Thank for the job!
Do we need to rebuild / reinstall or just replace the BlynkProtocol.h file?

Of course you need to fetch and rebuild :wink:

Hi whymanskyy thanks for the reply!!! I am a bit confused, you will work on a solution or the solution can be also node.js implementation?

Thansk a lot!!!

the fix is already there.
You may try using Node.JS implementation (which should be simpler and is independent)…