CC3000 and Re-connect logic

Aside from random issues related to CC3000 loosing its connection, is there logic we can use to re-connect to the Blynk servers on a timer base? i.e. every 5 mins check the connection, and re-establish if necessary? Or just force a re-connect? Would the below suffice? Would it properly kill the CC3000 connection, re-establish it and re-connect to Blynk?

Side question: is there a Blynk.disconnect() function?

(note, I understand this is not timer-based);
  if (!Blynk.connect())
    Blynk.begin(auth, "SSID", "password", WLAN_SEC_WPA2);

Hey, actually Blynk tries to “stay always connected” for now.
So usually there’s no need to call connect() manually.
Blynk.disconnect() is not available yet.
CC3000 has different issues, so this won’t help, unfortunately.

We’re still checking possible solutions…

Ok thx… (grr 20 char min - what’s the heart button?)