你好,我現在執行一個專案,透過blynk app上面按鈕,將上面資訊傳送到Node-red,但是Node-red端無法讀取到blynk app腳位。![掛了


The Blynk Legacy cloud servers were decommissioned in January.

If you have set-up a Blynk.IoT account then you need to use the Blynk IoT contrib for Node-Red.

This post gives you more information about the changes…

but since I wrote that there has been a new release of the Blynk IoT contrib for Node-Red, which adds new nodes that make life easier.

If you are running a local Legacy server then you need to use the IP address or URL of your local server in the configuration node, as explained in your first screenshot, and connect the app to the same local server.