Capture Step H value without changing the value

I’m working on a Spa controller, and am using a Step H widget to raise or lower the set temperature. The problem I’m facing is that the widget only sends data to the hardware when the value is changed either up or down. I would like to interrogate the widget to capture it’s current value every time the board powers up (ie in the setup() function, but I can’t find a way to do this. I was hopeful that there is an equivalent to Blynk.virtualWrite() for reading a virtual pin, but I can’t find one. Can anyone suggest a method to read a virtual pin without having to force the widget to send the data to the h/w?

If you had read the documentation… you would know…
Sync Hardware with App state

BLYNK_CONNECTED() // Every time we connect to the cloud.

This “force” all widgets to send the actual value without need to touch them that i think is what you need… and as @Gunner said… you can do one by one

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Well… the sync commands WILL act as if the widget is sending the data (it is actually only the server that is sending the info to the devices)… but that is usually fine since if the widget state hasn’t changed since reboot, then neither will your temperature setting.

I would also recommend using the individual sync command if needed for only a few vPins, unless you really have need for a system wide sync.

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Yes, if he read the document, he would have read about it ^w^ (forgive the redundancy)
I sent the anchor to that specific part of the documentation in the link on my last post

@trystan4861 I agree that reading all the documentation is ideal, but not knowing where to look and having searched the community forums and not finding anything, I thought it is easier to ask. So please excuse my ignorance, and thank you for providing a solution.

@Gunner. Thanks once again

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I do not know what forums you have searched … or what words you will have used to do the search … but using the search engine of this community … and putting “widget sync after restart” … you get a lot of post … and the first (at least the one that comes to me first …) gives you the same solution that we proposed… That’s not the point, you asked, you was answered and we are glad to have helped you.

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