Cant write Arduino_101_BLE example to my Genuino 101

Hi, today i wanted to try blynk with my Genuino 101, i installed the latest version of Arduino IDE, the board and the blynk library. But if i try to upload the code the ide gives me this error:

In file included from /home/lothgar/Arduino/libraries/Blynk/src/BlynkSimpleCurieBLE.h:24:0,
                 from /home/lothgar/Arduino/libraries/Blynk/examples/Boards_Bluetooth/Arduino_101_BLE/Arduino_101_BLE.ino:32:
/home/lothgar/Arduino/libraries/Blynk/src/utility/BlynkFifo2.h: In member function ‘T BlynkFifo<T, N>::peek()’:
/home/lothgar/Arduino/libraries/Blynk/src/utility/BlynkFifo2.h:115:16: error: ‘r’ was not declared in this scope
         while (r == _w);
/home/lothgar/Arduino/libraries/Blynk/src/utility/BlynkFifo2.h:116:19: error: ‘r’ was not declared in this scope
         return _b[r];
exit status 1

Seems like its from the blynk library? Is there any fix? Thanks in advance!

A search of this forum will show that there are still issues at intel’s end that are contributing to Arduino101 issues.