Can't stop Android vibration in blynk notify()

is this a known issue?

i have blocked Blynk in the Notifications section, but the phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) still vibrates?

We had not heard before of such issue. Which version of app are you using?

Seems, I’ve found the cause of such issue. It will be fixed in our next release.

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app is v.2.15.3 - i think it is the latest…

thank you!

Please can you tell me if there is a way to make notifications follow my phone settings. I am regularly being woken up by notifications that vibrate my phone even though my phone is on silent (Not vibrate). I want them to just come up but not vibrate.
Using 2.18.1 on Android. Samsung Galaxy A5

This is an older topic and this issue should have been resolved already.

Try first removing and then reinstalling your Blynk App (this will NOT affect your projects - they are stored on the server)

On the note of the server… if you are using a Local Server, make sure it is also updated.

Also update your libraries in your IDE and re-flash the devices with it.

That has nothing to do on the side of the app. As the Android system manages this issue - just check maybe you have some special notification settings for the Blynk app in your phone’s settings.