Can't show values from a Fishino Mega V2

Hello everyone, me and my friend are working on a greenhouse project.
We’re using Fishino Mega v2, integrated with a ESP8266 Wifi module. We success to connect it to the Router, but it doesn’t show the values to the app and after 2 loops it disconnect from it without succeeding anymore,

It is supposed to read from a light sensor the values and show it to Blynk (“light1”).

Here’s part of the code.

#include <Fishino.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <FishinoFlash.h>
#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
#include <BlynkSimpleFishino.h>

//Sensori Lampada
#define LGTS1 A0

//Valori Blynk
char auth[] = "FXm0rf********************************dE4";

//Paramentri Wifi
#define MY_SSID "FRITZ!Box 7530 FI"
#define MY_PASS "****************************"

int CrepuValue1 = 0; 
int media_L;

void StatoLuce(void) //Stato: OK
  CrepuValue1 = analogRead(LGTS1);
  ligth1 = map(CrepuValue1, 0, 760, 0, 100);

void setup()
  Serial.println("Avviamento setup()");
  pinMode( CrepuValue1, INPUT);
  Blynk.begin(auth, MY_SSID, MY_PASS);

  Serial << F("Reset WiFi in corso...");

  while (!Fishino.reset()){
    Serial << F("(riprova)");
  Serial << F("OK\n");    
  Serial << F("Connessione sull'AP...") ;

  while (!Fishino.begin(MY_SSID, MY_PASS))
    Serial << F(".");

  Serial << F("Collegamento riuscito\n");

#ifdef IPADDR
  Fishino.config(ip, gw, nm);

  Serial << F("In attesa per l'IP...");
  while (Fishino.status() != STATION_GOT_IP){
    Serial << F(".");

  Serial << F("\n");
  Serial << F(" - SSID  : ") << MY_SSID << "\n";
  Serial << F(" - IP    : ") << Fishino.localIP() << "\n";
  Serial << F(" - Segnale: ") << Fishino.RSSI() << "\n";
  Serial << F(" - Setup OK\n");
  //end setup ***********************************************************

  Serial << F(" - initiation OK\n");
  Serial << F("setup() concluso, avviamento loop(). OK\n");
  Serial << F("\n*************************************\n");

void loop()
 Serial.println(" ");

I don’t think you can do both of these.
I’m assuming that the device is connecting to WiFi & Blynk, then that connection being immediately terminated because of the Fishino.begin command.