Can't PUSH data to blynk cloud when the app is off

Good day mates!

I’m trying to push some data to the blynk cloud even when my app is off but I can’t seem to make it work. I’m currently using

I’m currently using an ESP32

Blynk.virtualWrite(V5,"add",3, "Water Irrigated", finalvolume)

I’m using the data for my table, graph and also the terminal. Thanks for helping guys!

Make sure you are not using the BLYNK_READ() function, as that function requires the widget to control the reading rate and thus only works when the App is active

Use virtual pins and PUSH mode in the App widgets, and on your device use BlynkTimer and timed functions for your sensor reading and Blynk.virtualWrite() commands, then your device will continue to send data to the server regardless if the App is on or not.

And when you open your App you will see the updated info, as it is always stored on the server not the App.

by ‘off’ do you mean the app is not in run mode (but in ‘edit’ mode) ?

In the app, leave it running, not in edit mode. You can close Blynk on the phone and even power the phone off, and the code in the ESP should still communicate to the Blynk server.