Can't login from new phone with Android 8


I switched to another phone and suddenly I can’t login with Blynk. I checked the password multiple times and used it to login through my previous phone. But it does not work on my new phone. When I trace network traffic it doesn’t even reach the Blynk server… (my own on linux).

Any ideas?


Hello. Do you use local server?

@BlynkAndroidDev we support Android 8, right?

I go to login and then “Server Settings”. There I choose CUSTOM and enter my server address and port number. Did I do something extra on my old phone? Can’t see “local server”…
Strange this is that not a singly packet arrives at the server. Could it be that Android-8 is more strict on security?

Hard to say. Are you (phone) within local network or 3g? Do you use local server IP or global? Maybe wrong port?

I have my previous phone next to my new phone and I entered the same info. Username, password, hostname and port number. I did that multiple times but it keeps failing.

The network trace shows nothing from my telephone host. Not on any port number. So I assume the phone does not send any packet out on the wifi or mobile net. I tried both.

Is “Local server” or “global” something I should be able to set in the phone? I’m using my own java server on the internet.

So seems like Android 8 issue. Let’s wait for @BlynkAndroidDev response.

We had no such issues during our test on Android 8. Please install the logging build and send us a log from it:

to send log: open about screen (info button on projects list screen), select ‘send us log’ option.

Crazy stupid of me… :blush: Don’t know how but I managed to type the hostname multiple times with a space in the name. The log is very clear about that. Thanks. It now works. I could think of autocorrect of my phone. Add a space after a dot.
I already disable autocorrect :slight_smile:

Can’t you just keep the log enabled and restrict it to a certain size? Most users probably are tweakers and a log file is helpful. Or some info about the error. “Hostname not found” would have helped :slight_smile:

Thanks again. Not only for this help but also for the project.

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I’m thinking about enabled log, but it would make app slower, as currently it is logging all communication with the server. But I’ll try to add ‘hostname not found’ error to the login/register screens.

I’m running Android O (8.0.0) on my Nexus 5X and I have no problems with Blynk (using Java8 local server).

Thanks for the swift support. I don’t use the energy but bought it anyway. Thanks for the good work.

I doubt the extra size on the app would matter. For the communications and logging can’t that be fixed with a simple tick box “enable logging”. Perhaps you were referring to it with the bold part? :slight_smile:

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