Can't login after close. Android latest app

Android 5.0.2 latest app from gplay. Cloud server.

  1. After closing the app via system scheduler or by hand it cannot login again. I see jumping dots. That’s it.
  2. When I hit log out and enter my credentials again I can see my project.
  3. Goto step 1.

I have this issue FOREVER.

Hello. What phone model do you have? @BlynkAndroidDev could you please provide debug build?

Are you using the 2.15.1 version?

Could you reproduce this issue with next build:

then open the about screen, select ‘send logs’ option and select gmail or your email app to send log file.


I’ve made some changes and updated the logging build again:

Could you try it again and then send log if it still reproduces.

No changes. Logs’ve been sent.

Ok. One more try:

Also please answer next questions:

  1. What device are you using?
  2. What does it mean ‘closing the app via system scheduler or by hand’ - do you mean force close?

This one works so far.

  1. LeEco Le1Pro. Snap 810
  2. By hand - force close
    SS - system background memory cleaning


Great, this fix will be included in the next release. I guess by the end of the week we’ll upload it to Google Play