Can't insert user phone number


When trying to insert the organization member cell number I receive the message “Invalid phone format”.



Is this user’s valid phone number?

It’s my phone number in Brazil.

I would guess that it’s complaining about the non-numeric characters.


But i did not incert the non-numeric characters. The system did.

As far as I know, all numbers in Brazil start with the digit 9 (correct me if I’m wrong). If so, the right format would be +55(11)76604307.
In some countries, you have to replace the first digit with the country code. For example, if the number is 0123456789 and the country code is +000, then the right format would be +000123456789.

Inbound international calls use +55 aa nnnn nnnn as the international telephone number, where aa is the two-digit Brazilian area code and nnnn nnnn is the 8-digit local number (9 digits for mobile numbers).

@Flavio_Lemos Are you using a mobile number? And are you using this server

Here is the phone number format in use:
+55 → Brazil
11 → Sao Paulo (regional code)
976604307 → only mobile numbers starts with digit 9
I am using the server

Thanks for the report. It’s taken to work. Will be fixed in the next deployment