Can't get online

I am trying to connect with Blynk. I am using a simple example from the B;ynk Example section (& I have treid others with the same result)
I have both a Nana 33 IoT and a Uno Rev 2 Wifi.

I follow the instructions to the letter but all I see on the app is : Wasn’t online yet"

I have checked having the latest libraries.
The code loads OK.
I have tried and retried new auth codes.

Can this be that these two boards are not covered?

Any ideas?

The information that comes from the serial monitor is usually the first place to look when attempting to debug connection issues.
This will tell you if you’re successfully connecting to your WiFi, and if so whether the connection to the Blynk server is failing because of an invalid Auth code.


I retried using the MKR1010 example and got it to work.