Can't get Eventor Widget to work

I’m using Particle Electron with Device firmware 0.6.0 and build firmware 0.5.3. I’m using Android version 5.0.2

I have Photo resistor connected to A0 and also mapped A0 to V6 in my sketch. This is working fine as I can read the value using guage and value widgets.

But using Eventor widget, I asked the apps to send me notification when the V6 value is more than 40, nothing happens.

I also asked the apps to switch ON D7 when V6 is more than 100, nothing happens.

Please what could I be doing wrong? I thought the eventor is supposed to work without the need to write any additional code?

Are you sure eventor condition was met? Does notifications work for you without eventor?

@Dmitriy, the condition was met because I can read the value using Value Widget.

I enabled the “NOTIFY WHEN HARDWARE GOES OFFLINE”, and I don’t get any notification if I switch off the hardware either.

Multiple issues, it seems. :disappointed:

How should I go about resolving these?