Cant get blynk commands to work when using device selector

Hi everyone
I have created a blynk project and it works fine with Arduino UNO and USB connection. I am running the script file from my PC to enable the serial connection.
I would like to use the same blynk project with a second identical device.
I have purchased some energy and added the device selector widget. In settings I have added another device and used the individual authorization token allocated in the UNO sketch that I have uploaded for the second device.
The UNO is connecting OK but the BLYNK app doesn’t provide the outputs like the first device that I select. In fact the blynk buttons dont appear to provide any functionality. Nothing.
In the information for the device selector widget it states… 3. In widgets settings you wil be able to assign them to device selector (source or target section)… Problem I dons see source or target section under settings.
Can anyone help please ?

Can you explain more about how you are connecting your second device?
Are you using the same PC?
Are you running two copies of the script in two different command windows?
Have you defined two different COM ports for your scripts?

Is there any reason why you aren’t using a NodeMCU and WiFi connection instead of the Serial script?


Hi Pete, thanks for your reply. I managed to get the device selector. on the app, once I entered the name for each device, for each button there is an option to specify which device the command applies to or allow selection from the drop down menu. I made the mistake of reading the instructions !>

The Node MCU option would have been better but I have a drop dead date and didnt think I could risk implementing a new board and still get it to work. I really wish I had now because the unit that I sent to my friend in malaysia wont connect through th serial port and I wil have no option to use the 28566 -01 as a retro fit to enable him to use WiFi. SO I have made even mnmore work and heartache for myself. Starting to wish I hadnt agreed to do this project now ! Cheers