Can't download the report on CSV

Hello, how are you all doing? I’ve been having trouble downloading CSV data reports from the cloud web platform. Currently, I’m using a tsim7000g to send data through GPRS to both the platform and mobile application. A month ago, I was able to successfully download the file, but for the past week, I’ve been trying almost every day and it’s been giving me an error, even after the 10 attempts where it tells me that I’ve reached the maximum number of download attempts and I need to wait another 24 hours. I’m currently on the Plus Plan.

Hello. Do you have the raw option enabled in datastreams? And with what settings are you trying to download the report?

Hello, yes. I´ve the raw option enabled and the config that I’m using is this.

Strange. Investigation needed

Thanks, i’ll wait for a response.


You need to go to the menu templates - edit - datastreams - open datastream - advanced settings - and enable the option “Show in Reports”

Dmitriy from Blynk

Hello, @serjeyr Please recheck with enable Show in Report option. Now there was a server deployment. And I think it’s important to check this case.

Hello, @Oleksii-QA and @DimitryPB I´ve double checked it and the show in report option is enabled for all of my datastreams.

I´ve tried to download the report another time and it stil shows the “Error generating export report”

@serjeyr ok. I found the root cause. We’ll fix it soon (few days).

@serjeyr Looks like it has something to do with location DS. I think if you exclude it from the report, you should be fine.

Hello @Dmitriy, I´ve also tried to download the report excluding the Location datastream, and anyway didn´t have luck downloading the report. Also tried on diferent data aggregation times, from raw data to 1 hour and on diferent report data times but it gives me the same result.

By the way, is it necessary for the raw data option to be activated? because I remember that at first I did not have it activated and even so I was able to download the report.

The raw format stores data as sent values from the device. For example, if the value is updated every second. Then the report will show every second value.


We deployed the fix for the report. Please check if it works for you.

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Hello @Dmitriy. Yes, it works now! thanks.

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