Can't delete label on Vxx

I’ve set a label to a button using this sentence but now I cant delete that label.

Blynk.setProperty(APP_AIRE_ON_OFF, "label", "xxxxx");

I’ve tried deleting it from the APP, leaving the label field empty, but it looks like the virtual port is overwritting whatever I set as a label in the app.

I’ve deleted that line from the code, and also tried leaving the field empty
Blynk.setProperty(APP_AIRE_ON_OFF, "label", "");
is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

If you have a plus/pro account you can do it from the device datastreams screen by choosing Reset Properties…

However, this screen isn’t available in the free version.

@Dmitriy is this an oversight when making the Datastreams tab invisible to free users?


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Thank you Pete. I have the plus account and that worked OK.