Can't create local blynk server

Hello. I installed the blynk local server on win7, the instructions Quick local server setup, when create account in Blynk app at the server blynk logs is message “User credentials are wrong…”. The Blynk app pings a local server and local server ping the Blynk app. After installed the local server successfully started. I using email with the next parameter 465.
The second attempt was Advanced local server setup, but result was “User credentials are wrong…”
Can you help me, how resolve this issue?

Hello. Did you create account on local server?

Hello, I am not sure, but creating an advanced local server, I update files example such as and server properties and in the file settings my email configuration. When started Blynk app I choose create account and server setting change to my email and ip of my local server. Can you advise me, what do I do wrong? P.S. Thank you for your job, because a project is really wonderful.

@romanF Blynk cloud account and Local server account not related. You have to create account on local server in order to login. In same way you did on Blynk cloud.

My email which is in configuration on the local server is new not related to mail on a cloud. What do I do that create the local user account? This is must be the special file?

All you need is

No properties files.

I created the account such as show on the picture, but log file contains
WARN "User with name already exists.
ERROR - User credentials are wrong. Username ‘’, /
The email is new, never used

Ok. So look like you just made a typo in your pass… Please try to create another acc for test.

I check my password it is correct, but local server log contains
ERROR - User credentials are wrong. Username ‘’, / ,
what mail domain do you advise? in my account doesn’t option App access.
I check windows port 8443, it is open.

Did you create new account? How did you check your password? It is hashed.

1 I created account on
2 In Blynk app choose Create New Account
3 Fill field email, password - *******
4 Server settings =>custom => OK
Blynk app ip is
5 firewall is shutdown

Password checks with email password profile

This project works when local server is Centos7, but on Win7 it doesn’t work(((
Can local server sends data to graph least than 250 ms?

It works for me on 8.1 so pretty sure it works on 7.

Do you change any settings on Win 8.1? Firewall or antivirus change for Blynk local server?

I think my Firewall may have popped up asking if I wanted to allow connections to Blynk and I clicked yes.
Nothing else to do for me.

Installing the Blynk library server-0.18.0.jar solved a problem.

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