Can't connect to my Blynk project "Server can't talk now"

Hi everybody, i have problem in connecting to my Blynk project ,as every time i tried to connect i get “Sorry,Server can’t talk now,try again later”

for rather info i try to log in from EGYPT.

Hello. Do you have open port 8443 on your router?

since i begin using Blynk i didn’t change my Router configuration ,and this error msg appeared from monday 12/07/2016 only.
and it also appear when i try to connect through 3G network of mobile operator !
and also through IOS & Android devices !
and all those devices are in Egypt.

@JohnNassiem Blynk servers were “swapped” around 6 weeks ago and are now using a different domain. Have you updated your projects in the last 6 weeks or so? If you haven’t you need to by using the latest library version (0.3.8). Not sure if it is 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 that was the first library version with new server connection.

@Costas i have running library version (0.3.7) , and it was working till 2 days ago (even after server swap) !!
i have try to access my account from Algeria and it works ,but in EGYPT problem still persists !!

@JohnNassiem was it working in Egypt 2 days ago or just in Algeria?

There are 2 different IP’s addresses now for Blynk depending where you are in the world and sometimes the allocation fails, requiring the IP address to be set manually rather than using the domain name. The method of connection, broadband or GSM etc, can also affect the IP allocation so even within the same country it does change unless it you set is as a fixed IP within the Blynk app.

@Costas Algeria working all the time
Egypt was working normally and stopped Monday 11/07/2016 .

@Costas @Dmitriy i have installed Cloud VPN application on my phone in Egypt and connect to external server outside Egypt and it connect to dashboard but didn’t control anything :slight_smile:
So problem in connecting from Egypt !!! thanks for your support in solving that problem as i can’t always connect to external VPN .

@Costas @Dmitriy it’s working now in EGYPT :grin: what was the problem ??

We still don’t know. Look like it was something specific for Egypt region providers. I would love to understand what was that.

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