Can't change wifi credentials , even after re-upload

Hi guys, iam having a annoying issue with the new blynk.iot
I just uploaded the code from examples > blynk > >blynk edgent > esp8266 , to my esp8266 board , it successfully installed .
Then I try to connect my esp8266 with my hotspot in new blynk iot app . It’s connected. But it doesn’t show’s either in app nor webpage .
After sometimes I brought a new wife conection and re-upload the code , but it’s wifi credentials is not changing , it remains same
The I try some other led blink code and run it . No issues , successful running
After that again I upload and run blynk edgent , but it trying to connect my previous hotspot credentials , I don’t know why the credentials is not changing and the codes are not modified
Also I tried to change the templetes , still same

Guys plz help me with this :pleading_face:

With Edgent, the wifi credentials are stored in flash.

There is a reset procedure that I believe is in the documentation but if that doesn’t work you could probably also use this and follow the documentation to wipe out the flash.

I assume this will put the device back into “provisioning” mode after a new Edgent based sketch is loaded in as there will be no wifi credentials for it to reference back to in flash.

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The simple way to clear the stored credentials is to choose the Tools > Erase Flash > All Flash Contents option in the Arduino IDE.

However, I think the Edgent examples allow you to use the button defined in settings.h to allow you to put the board into setup mode.


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This solves my issue with just a click. here before I don’t know such an option is there!

Thank U so much, Pete


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Thank u for your attention , It helps me a lot in this to understand what the issue really is


or else try this

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