Can't access my Blynk outside my home network

Hi, I have a garage Particle Photon Blynk setup. In my home network the app works great but once I’m on cellular I can’t access Blynk. I think I’m using Blynk cloud. I’m sure that its a port issue but I’m not sure how to set this up on my router. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Google port forwarding for your router make and model… if the router is supplied by your ISP, then ask them.

Thanks for the reply but I’m wondering what port do I open and which IP do I forward it to? The Particle Photon?

Wait, doesn’t the Photon use a cellular connection? That will not go through your router. EDIT nope, that is the electron :slight_smile:

But as for Local Server (if you use one) and ports… A bit of a read, but this will shed some light

I open ports 9443 and 8080 both redirected to my Local Server and it handles the device connections.

But I imagine having the port 8080 directed to the IP of the device in question might be required with Cloud Server?? Not sure as I don’t use the cloud server when away from my local network, I connect back to my server.

OP is not using a local server. So, no question of port forwarding or anything else. Should work out of the box if the Blynk Cloud server is being used.

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Do you have Cellular Data, Mobiloe Data (or whatever its called in your region) enabled on your phone?

It may be disabled by default.


Good idea but unfortunately I don’t have any data restrictions turned on this app.

The other weird thing is that I can’t login under cellular it says “Something went wrong when connecting to the server. Please check 443 port is open in your network.” But I can surf the web fine and use other apps that use the internet.

Do cellular carriers block this port?

Thanks for replying. I appreciate your time.

What is “it”?

Where does ‘it’ say it?

Screenshot? Post your code?


At the Blynk App login screen. On cellular I can’t get past this screen when I hit Log In. On Wifi at home I can get past this.

Its something on your phone or in your telsco network/settings. Blynk is a standard app just like any other, no need to change anything to connect. Not a Blynk issue. Delet and re-install the app?

fix, stay home :slight_smile: