Cannot sign-up on local server

I’m running a local server in Win7:
java -jar server-0.7.4.jar -dataFolder .\Blynkdata
I set the ip-address of the local server in my Android app with port 8441. I try to create an account and get this in the server log(xxx is not the email address used)
Incoming LoginMessage{id=1, command=LOGIN, length=71, body=‘ xtpBrycmCSOxkE4UHqLyV5XBICWlzPxNqtLIrJAZkZ0=’}
20:41:12.054 ERROR - Wrong income message format.
when I use 8442 i get in the log
20:39:34.840 ERROR - Input command is invalid. Closing socket. Reason cc.blynk.common.exceptions.UnsupportedCommandException: Command with code 22 not supported message… Address /
20:39:34.843 TRACE - Hardware channel disconnect.
what am I doing wrong.
Thanx in advance for any hints
Cheers Alex


Application (Android) port is 8443.

8442 - for hardware and 8441 is for SSL hardware (over USB or other that supports SSL)

using 8443…android app says “sorry, server can’t talk now,try later”…the server gets messages from hardware with wrong auth key, I see that in the log.
I don’t see anything in the log. I tried to disable the windows firewall…but that didn’t help

Did you follow this instruction? How your smartphone connected to internet? Where is your server?

tried the client emulator that worked fine…there was a space after the ip address in the android app
solved. thanx