Cannot see event details after marking as Resolved

I’m sending log events from my device to Blynk and they show up nicely in the timeline including the whole message that was part of the log event.

But after I have marked an event as “Resolved” I can only see that an event has taken place on a certain timestamp, and that it is resolved, but I cannot see the details from the event anymore.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Have you tried looking at the timeline on the device view of the web console?


The only thing I see in the timeline is this (no details, nothing clickable):

@Dmitriy I guess that this is an enhancement request, but it seems like quite a desirable feature…

Any optional description that is part of the Blynk.logEvent command is visible in the timeline, until the event is marked as resolved, then it’s no longer visible.
The description is still visible in events.csv report, but that report doesn’t include the “resolved” flag, or the resolved comments, or the name of the person and the date/time that it was marked as resolved.

If someone had a “Warning” event that had a description of “The main nuclear reactor is at critical temperature” and it was resolved with the comment of “It looks fine to me” then being able to view all of this in both the timeline and the events.csv file might be important to somebody :grinning:



@PeteKnight I agree, Thanks

Yes, the logic behind this was - “if the event is resolved you don’t need to see the deep details”. But maybe this suggestion is wrong. We’ll check with the design team.

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Any progress on this suggestion?