Cannot login when using mobile data

I’ve seen some similar topics, but no clear resolutions, so here is my problem.

I have created a new account on my iPhone (latest release 9.3.3). I was able to successfully create a new project, generate the Auth code, design the app and connect it to my board (in my case an ESP8226). Everything is working great. I then leave my house, disconnect from my WiFi and try to use the app using my phones mobile data. I get an error message that my email/password are incorrect. Go back home, connect to WiFi, everything works great again.

So, after reading some of this forum I decide to create a new account. This time I create one using my Facebook credentials. The first thing I try is to login outside my WiFi. Success. Looks like things are fixed, but no.

I created a new project, auth code, etc. Recompiled and loaded to my ESP8226, Test it on my Wifi, no problems. Try once again to connect using mobile data, and now, I can log in, but my project is gone. If I log back in using Wifi, its back.

Am I missing something. Is the app not supported using mobile data plans (seems like a shortcoming if so).

Any help appreciated, hoping I just missed something simple.


That worked! Thanks for the help.

hi friends
Mine also same problem i update all libraries and app also but also blynk app is opening on on mobile data but my hardware is not connecting to blynk…

@nikky invalid token maybe geo dns issue, see url 2 posts before yours.

i have done that to by entering the address in the mobile app which is shown in the serial monitor
but also not working

NOT that IP, the IP you get by pinging