Cannot create Segmented Switch in Android App Pages

I was just trying to add a segmented switch to our app in a page. We already have one in there running, so it seems this might be a new issue.

When I go to add it, it allows me to select the “options”. As soon as I select the datastream the “options” section disappears. Also if I add the options first, and then select the datastream, everything still disappears.

Just for further info, we have the segmented switch set up and working on a page on the web console, so this seems to be an app only issue as far as we can see.


Edit: I did send the logs already, FYI

Hello, it is possible if you choose enumerable datastream without added row, please check the settings of the datastream you choose.

Thanks! With your tip I figured it out. It’s odd that on the console you can setup a template and add the options without adding rows to the Enumerable datastream, but in the mobile app you can’t. Regardless it seems to be working now.