Cannot connect to local Blynk server through the Internet

Hello. I have a very interesting problem with my blynk local server .
my problem is that i dont know how to connect my local serv to inetrnet or how to synchronize data from cloud server to local !!
I tryed a lot of methods but no one didnt work
my server is located on Windows not rasbery pi or other !

Your topic title says “Cannot connect to local Blynk server through the Internet”

but you question asks about connecting your local server to the internet…

As far as I’m concerned these are two very different things. I assume from your topic title that you want to connect to your local server from outside of your network, so that you can use the Blynk app when you aren’t at home?

If this is the case then the solution will vary depending on whether you have a static public IP address or not, and whether your ISP uses Double NAT.
Assuming that neither of these are tie case then you need to set-up a free DDNS service and run a DDNS update client on your network, and set-up port forwarding in your router to forward incoming traffic on port 9443 to your local server.

You need to explain more about what you are trying to achieve here.
If you want to transfer your projects from cloud to local server then you can clone your app projects, but if you also want to transfer your historical data from the cloud then that isn’t really possible.


yes i want to connect my local server to use it from outside for exemlple im not at home and i want to chek if i turn off the lights !
im using dynamic IP address without DDNS
Can You write your method how you do this connection ill try to do the same !

Search the forum for “Port Forwarding” and “DDNS” and you’ll find all the information you need.

If your ISP uses Double NAT then you may need to use ZeroTier instead of DDNS and port forwarding, but the ZeroTier app will probably need to be turned-on manually on your phone before using Blynk, which makes it slightly inconvenient.


thank you Pete, ill try learn more about this maybe ill find the solution!