Cannot Buy Energy (iOS App)

HI Team,

I am unable to buy energy.
when I click on an energy pack option the three dots move around and nothing else happens.

I am using Blynk on IOS
everything else is working amazing - i want to add more to my project but cant buy energy.

Can you advise how we could go about troubleshooting this?
what info do you need from me?

Thank you

This is all i see when attempting to purchase energy

Might be due to a regional setup issue?? Apparently South Africa was only opened up to payment access a year ago, so who knows what you need to have setup with Google Play first.

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You could turn logging ON in Settings app (Blynk section) and after a purchase failure send us the logs (from About screen in Blynk app).


Many Thanks Eugene,
This is a silly question but I cant find where to turn logging on?

I can find send logs in the about section.

it says “Logging turned off. You can turn logging on in Blynk Settings section in Setting app.”
is the settings section in the same app? if so could you please guide me

Thank you

No, I belive it is in your phone’s App settings

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Haha. Thanks. Face palm.
Sometimes when I do things I reach a sort of tunnel vision.

I sent the logs. I will wait for a response.
Thank you for the assistance

Ok so bit of a disappointing road block reached, Im posting the below in hope of someone having the same issue can assist.

After further correspondence with Eugene and sending the Log File
This is where we ended up

The Error : Failure : SKPaymentQueue can not make payments_
more info on this error

An iPhone can be restricted from accessing the Apple App Store. For example, parents can restrict their children’s ability to purchase additional content. Your application should confirm that the user is allowed to authorize payments before adding a payment to the queue. Your application may also want to alter its behavior or appearance when the user is not allowed to authorize payments.

From <;

What I can confirm - I am the owner of this iTunes account, i Can purchase / Make in app purhcases except for the Blynk App.

Please help me
Thank you

@Kyle_Jardine did you do this with the required notes and references to this topic?

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Yes. I am more than happy to give any detail / do any testing needed to sort this out.

OK, then all you can do is wait for the Blynk developers to look into it.

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100% - Only posting here for hope / additional help.
I cannot express how much I want to buy energy and set up my home using Blynk > what an amazing app.

the last email I received from Eugene - I got the feeling like we reached the end of troubleshooting.


Yes, the canMakePayments() returns NO in your case. This is exactly what the line

Failure : SKPaymentQueue can not make payments

means in the logs you sent me earlier.

All I can suggest is to remove the app completly and install a fresh copy from App Store.


Well… it is a bit of an advanced option, but you could always setup your own Local Server… then you are in control of everything (account setup, energy, connectivity, etc).

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Definitely an option to look into.

OK, Solved the problem.

It was my error .
In app settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Settings > ITunes & App Store Purchases > In app Purchases > Allow.

So I was unaware this was disabled. (I have made in app purchases before so dont know when this was changed)
In any case I downloaded another app - tried to make in app purchases and a pop us informed me that In app purchases has been disabled.

Going forward the only thing i can suggest to the Blynk team is to update app to show pop up and inform people in app purchases are disabled.

In the end very happy I can continue using the app.

Thank you :grinning:

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