Can someone help me, Wanna a code for this one

And what exactly is it you want to achieve?

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on of led over the internet using blynk and esp8266

@mraphi have you looked at the basic steps at ?

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need a code for just on off basic already know

I really think you should look at those Instructable websites. We can probably make anything you want, but on the other hand, if I make something for someone, I’d like to get paid :wink:

The objective is to learn for yourself, so I suggest you start with, as Costas mentioned, the examples and tutorials and if you run into things, by all means let us know :slight_smile:


already read every post but didnt get how to on of one led ,i need just code after that myself learn

We need to know what stage you are up to.

Have you loaded the app on your ‘phone’?
Have you obtained a token?
Have you loaded Arduino on the ESP?

A basic sketch to confirm you are connected is at

As @Lichtsignaal points out the instructables will then give you a clue how to change things for your LED’s.

Basically add 2 buttons in the app and tie them to gpio 0 and gpio 2. When you click the buttons in the app the LED’s will light but you need to go through the basic steps first.


yes everything done exept code don’t khow how to start

That is the beauty of it, you don’t need any code! You can just point the buttons in your App to GPIO0 and GPIO2 and it will work :slight_smile:

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As @Lichtsignaal points out for LED’s there is no code required in your sketch. The app sends the pins high and low when you press the buttons you created (and tied to the two GPIO pins) in the app. Most sketches would need some code, like reading a temperature sensor but NOTHING needed for LED’s.

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ok thank you all of you