Can someone explain direct connect?

So, I’m looking to perhaps use an ESP for a motorcycle control system (mood lights, security system, speedo, etc) with an Android dashboard, but one issue is that it’s a fairly internet-less environment. Is this actually a good/appropriate use for direct connect? I don’t really understand what it’s purpose is/will be(I realize it’s under development)

Yes. Direct connect is exactly for cases where internet is not available (same use case as bluetooth) or latency is very critical for your project (<1ms).

@Dmitriy am I just putting Blynk app into local mode and connecting to… The esp’s IP at which port?

Yes. Ideally we will have wizard for that.

@Dmitriy Hey sorry for reviving this thread. But, is DirectConnect working yet?

@ohnoitsalobo nope. Unfortunately, there is no way to monetize this feature so most probably in nearest future it will be not implemented, unless some business will pay for that.