Can not sign in from the iphone

I’ve opened account today try to connect via iphone to test but can not logon from iphone app, received “can’t connect to server”. Can you help please?

@emrsen could you please try logout and login again?

I have successfully tried from my computer logoff/logon but can not login from the iphone…I fails in syncing profile step.

Do you use local server?

I’ve selected Blynk server which is default.
I’m trying with my business phone which mdm profile has been applied by the company. I shall try my personal ipad @home shall inform if the issue keeps going.

Did you previously connected from this iphone without problems and same provider?

No this is the first time I try Blynk.
I’ve tried with wifi and gsm both has failed to connect with the same device.

Ahh, Ok in that case most probably problem with your provider. Some of them blocks port blynk works with.

Can confirm. This is definitely an issue with the new iPhone app update.

Can connect to my local blynk server using the Android app, but not with the latest iOS app.

Tried using server-0.12.2.jar and server-0.12.6.jar. It’s also possible that the iOS app (upon failing to connect and synchronize) somehow corrupted something relating to the token because I had to reset it via my Android before my node.js script could successfully auth again. (Was getting an INVALID_TOKEN error, even though it was working previously.)

Dear Mike and Emrsen,
Thanks for reporting.
As a temporary solution try to uninstall application and install it again.
We will check this issue and try to fix it in next update.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ve tried from a different ipad and an android phone but can not log into any device. It may be because of trying manytimes. Can you reset my account if there is any lockout etc.
Thx Emre

Hi Alex,

Tried removing and reinstalling the Blynk app on iPhone, with no luck.

Interestingly, the Blynk app on my iPad works and connects to my local Blynk server without issue (both running iOS 9.2.1). Both devices are on the same WiFi network.

I’ve also found that now the Android app sometimes connects and sometimes doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s related to my Blynk server data, but I’m happy to provide you with a copy of my ~/blynk folder for debugging.

@mike do you see some errors in logs file of local server when you can’t connect?

Hi again,

I’ve found out that in a very short time “incorrect email and password” notification displayed in iphone then got the message “Can’t connect to server” this may help. I still can not able to log in from mobile devices.


@emrsen what email do you use?

mail address

@emrsen I don’t see such user in our DB. Are you sure you used this login?

It seems like the correct mail address

@emrsen I think you need just register user again. Probably you was unlucky to register during server restart. Sorry for inconveniences.

@Dmitriy Which log file should I be looking at?

When connecting successfully using iPad, blynk.log on TRACE verbosity shows:

02:08:54.732 TRACE - Incoming LoginMessage{id=3697, command=Login, length=77, body=‘ <…> iOS 1.5.6’}
02:08:54.735 DEBUG - Re registering app channel. [id: 0xd3f5XXXX, / => /]
02:08:54.739 INFO - app joined.
02:08:54.782 TRACE - Incoming LoadProfileGzippedStringMessage{id=3056, command=LoadProfile, length=0, body=‘’}

However nothing appears at all when attempting to connect using iPhone. Could it possibly be related to the fact that I disabled camera and background refresh access? I’ve re-enabled it, but it still doesn’t work. Even tried removing and reinstalling the app without success.

One bug that I found is that if you deny camera access and try pressing the QR code scan button, the login button will no longer work (until you restart the app). Also, the Blynk remote server fields (in iOS settings) somehow changed to at one point (no idea why or how).

Could some Blynk-related data be persisting even after removing (and reinstalling) the app?