Can not log in

All of a sudden i cant log into my Blynk iot on phone and PC. It says wrong password!!! which is very strange. Anyway when you go through the process to set up a new password no email comes to my inbox to proceed with changing password

Hi, please check the spam folder or other folders in your email.

I have done so already. No emails from Blynk relating to password change which is strange as I have all the other emails relating to my plan and initial activation. What is going on? I have paid up in full already for the Plus Plan, and have proof copies of this.

Please provide your email

I don’t see your email anywhere. Probably you used the old app? Not Blynk IoT.

That is so strange I have invoice and receipt of payment for the plus plan and also my account activation all in that email

Yes. Found you in the logs. Let me check why your account was removed.

@proietti according to the logs you have removed the own organization. Is that true?

No… unless i did it by mistake. how do we resolve it?

Removal is permanent. It’s part of GDPR requirement. We can restore from the backup probably. You had only 1 device, right?

Yes I only had 1 device. Much appreciated if you could restore the account

@Dmitriy Any update on this?

@proietti restored. Please check and let me know if all is ok.

Brilliant thank you very much