Can my hardware project be control by 2 or more blynk app users?

Hi there,
I new in this blynk apps.
I got 1 project but, there are 2 people (blynk user) that want to control it.
Can someone tell me how to do it?
Thanks all. :):smiley:

assuming you are the main user (you have created the Dashboard and connected to your hardware) , you can ask the other user to logout from his account and from your side in project settings enable the shared access and share your project with the other user
that will cost you 1000 energy points

So, both of us can control the project at the same time? Am I right?
Thanks for your help


There’s another very similar thread running in parallel to yours. Read this for more info:


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That explain everything, thanks ya :blush:

Except maybe what a Smart Pillow is, and why you’d want one? :sleeping_bed: :sleeping: :sleeping:


It is the forerunners in the roboapocalypse… they will try to smother the resistance prior to the takeover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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