Can I use Blynk on my Raspberry Pi?

I’m working on an HVAC control using an ESP8266. The controls work great from my iPhone but I am setting up a Raspberry Pi and would like to be able to control my Blynk widgets from this device instead of using a mobile device. Ideally the Pi will be mounted on the wall to replace my existing HVAC control.

How can I use Blynk widgets on a non iOS or Android device? Can this be done?

Hello. In that case only via HTTP API or NodeJs client.

Ok. If that works, great. Do you have any documentation or examples that I can follow?

Thanks. I will take a look.

Why dont you simply use Blynk android app with Raspberry PI? You just need to install blynk library from Github into Raspberry PI and will be able to control any Raspberry Pi Gpio using Android app.
After installing the Blynk library, just run the command and Blynk will be ready to use

sudo ./blynk --token= YourAuthToken

Of course python code is needed to control every thing, here is one blynk raspberry pi example to control a gpio connected AC appliance from blynk app on android phone
By doing this you can integrate it in your HVAC system.

I think that after 3 years and 2 months the OP (who hasn’t visited this forum since 28th June 2016) will have found a solution to his problem.