Can I monitor 100 green houses in one blynk project?

Hi there, I am building a green house matrics containing 100 independent green houses. Each house has a DHT22 to get T&H data, and a heater and a cooler (fan). The ideal temperture is 23-26℃,when the temperture below 23, the controller trigers the heater, which is a 5v heating wire. I only use them in winter, so I do not need coolers. I want to monitor the system via an APP. The APP can store the T&H data and also, it can take photos of the plant. I want to ask:
1, which board should I use? I made a simple weather staion using arduino UNO+ESP8266+DHT11 before and NODEMCU is on the way. Also I finished the example of LED controller in blynk
2, It seems that one project can hold 25 devices at maxium, so maybe I should develop 4 projects for the 100 green houses?
3, can blynk take care of the photos at the same time?
3, if blynk cannot take this job, any other suggestion?
Thank you so much

This is for the free development side (not allowed in any commercial or for profit use, as per the ToS).

What you are describing needs the commercial side of Blynk, they can certainly do what you need.

Commercial Usage

_Blynk applications can not be used for commercial purposes for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit without signing up for Blynk subscription services outlined here:

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Hi Gunner,
Thank you for reply.
If I bought the Startup version, can I download all the data from the the server?

When you sign up, all your business will be run on a dedicated business server. Which is yours with all the data sitting there. You get an access there once it’s launched.

Awesome! Thank you Pavel!