Can I have multple time inputs across several tabs and devices?

Hi All,
I am new to blynk and really loving it! :slight_smile:
I am using it with an esp8266 and have made a simple app (ios) to use a servo that opens and closes at certain times of the day using the “timer input” - this works GREAT!
I have now added another tab and to control a separate device to control an IR transmitter to turn something on and off at different times of the day so i added a second “time input” widget on the second and targeted my second esp8266 device. It all looks good except the ios app will not allow be to input start and stop times… I can select them but nothing get entered in at the app after i hit OK
Is this an error in blynk, or am I limited to using just (1) time input per project…or am I being a silly noobie and missing something?
Thanks and cheers,

Hello. Seems like some kind of bug. We’ll check. Are you sure you selected another device in second time input?

Hi Dmitry!
Thanks heaps for your prompt reply!
I am sure I had selected the second device for the time inputs on tab2
BUT I have got it to work now…

  1. If (on the tab 2 time inputs) I selected the device I was using on tab1 and run the app I can enter times as expected…
    2 If I then changed the device for the tab 2 time inputs to my second device I want to use with tab2 and run - app works as expected :slight_smile:

I am going to be adding a few extra tabs so i will check this again to make sure this is correct and post an update -hopefully later today

PS Awesome work with blynk - it is an incredible ecosystem and will only get better and better! :slight_smile:

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