Can I get data from table back to hardware?

Can I use table as database to store data? and get back data by id that added from hardware?
Can I reorder table from hardware? My purpose is store the last value to first line instead of last line or something like terminal “auto scroll” to easy to view last value.

Yes. However table stores now only 100 values you can change this with local server.

No. However this is good idea.

Yes. Have a look into table examples.

Not possible right now. You can add row only to the end. However you can highlight latest element with pick command. Again have a look into examples.

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Table widget need to log latest value on top .
I think there should be option for sequence
Top to bottom or bottom to top for new value.
Is it possible to edit or refresh the value of current row ??


I agree with this. The order should be selectable as ASC/DESC …

You can currently get the ROW INDEX back. As long as the ROW INDEX is an INT value, you can assign that row to a value stored in EEPROM to pull back data.
Untill they implement that feature this is how I ahve been using the table as a data storage and recovery widget.


Any chance table sort order has been considered? ASC/DESC like @Jamin suggested? While I haven’t tried or tested, this can probably be done on hardware, instead of ‘index = 0’ and ‘index++’ could do ‘index 100’; then ‘index–’. Does that keep em on top? Maybe… But, also have to handle what happens at 0, hardware resets,etc… Would be nice if sort order could be a widget attribute set in app or by hardware…

+1 to bumping the sort order idea again! :slight_smile: