Can I enter (type) a specific setpoint in Blynk?

Hi Blynkers!

I’m new to this community and programming but I love it so far. I have a simple question, please answer it for me politely, it will be very much appreciated.

How can I enter a specific setpoint via the Blynk app?

For example, for my application, I want the user to be able to enter (type in) the desired specific temperature setpoint (example: To type “23” for 23 Degrees Celcius) which my Arduino Uno will have to control a 12Vdc fan speed to maintain this setpoint temperature.

How can I “type” in the setpoint temperature I require?

I don’t see an option available for the user to type in a setpoint in Blynk. The only thing I see is a slider control that is the closest to what I require, but this is not what I am looking for.

Please assist kindly Blynk community :kissing_heart:


There are two widgets you could use: “Numeric Input” widget, this allows you to type in a numeric value, then increase/decrease the value using + and - buttons on the widget.

Or you could use the “Text Input” widget, which allows to input free text, including numbers.



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Hi Bill,

Thank you for the quick response! I really appreciate it. Thanks for the advice, let me give it a try and I’ll return to you with my feedback :grin: