Can blynk run on/off timer intervals?

Hi all im looking for a widget on blynk that can run 30min on/off intervals over 24hr period. I want to be able to change it without changing any code. Its to run a water pump, can anyone direct me in the right direction to achieve this please

I’d use a slider (or two) or a numeric input widget (or two) to set the on/off duty cycle. and handle the rest in code.


Thanks ill look into it

One example here:

Give some thought to how you want to store the value from the slider/numeric input (numeric input would be my choice) and how you want to trigger the timer.

I assume that you don’t want the timer to start when you change the numeric input of the duration, but you do want to keep that value for later use when you hit the “run” button.
When the device boots-up, you’ll want to sync the virtual pin that the numeric input is attached to, so that you retrieve the current value from the Blynk server and it can be used when needed, otherwise the value will be zero (or whatever you initialise your variable to) until you change the value of the numeric input.