Can Blynk.Air automate repeated identical shipments


Love Blynk. I develop-debug an Arduino app and use Blynk.Air to ship OTA. Its wonderful. I repeatedly perform the same steps while debugging/developing and shipping.

Is it possible to have an automated sequence or at least a way to set the device, firmware condition and filename to a default (like the previous input) to speed the steps?


Hello. I read your message twice. But didn’t get it. Could you please explain differently what do you need?

Thanks Dimitriy - here’s my workflow:

I have code.ino that I compile into firmware code.ini.bin using the Arduino IDE. I then go to blynk.console → blynk.air to ship it to my board. I need to 1) check the box of my ‘device’, 2) set the ‘condition to check’ to apply the firmware, 3) ‘choose’ the code.ino.bin file from the selection box and 4) select ‘start shipping’ box. I do this repeatedly every time I debug and develop and the selections above do not change each time.

Sooo, it would be great if the selections defaulted to the previous use (for example) so I do not have to repeat the selections every time. its a small usability improvement and would smooth development.

again, blynk works wonderfully - this is would be small and useful. Thanks! Tom

Aha. Now it’s clear. Thanks. We actually have in our plans a redesign of the OTA section. So it’s definitely could and will be improved.