Can any one tell me how to upload a processed value

So for a school project I’m using a esp8266 and a arduino tds sensor. The tds sensor needs to run though an algorithm to process the analog pin data into real time tds data.
So is there a way i can upload the tds data to Blynk.Console.
Thank you very much.

Yes, once the ESP8266 has read the tds data and processed it then the result can be sent to Blynk to be displayed.
You’d use a virtual datastream for this, and the Blynk.virtuialWrite(vpin) command to send the processed value to Blynk.

You need to take care not to use flood the Blynk server with Blynk.virtuialWrite(vpin) commands, and you need to avoid the use of blocking delay() commands.

Take a look at the Blynk DHT examples in the Sketch Builder or in the library examples to see how to read a different type of sensor and send the values to Blynk.


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thank you very much Mr Pete.