Can a Win10 PC/C# app interface to Blynk?

I currently have a C# program running on win10 laptop(Local computer) that controls Beckhoff Remote IO(EK/EL series) via Modbus TCP. My C# program(local computer) pub/subs data to HiveMQ via MQTT/Json that goes to another C# program running on win10 laptop(Remote computer) for command/monitoring at a global location.

This works well, but I would like to move the remote portion to be a dashboard in Blynk, so I have global access from my Iphone/ipad and not have to lug around a win10 laptop.

I would no longer have to use HiveMQ and can adjust format as needed (MQTT/Json, API, etc) to communicate with the Blynk Cloud/Dashboard.

Question: Is it possible to have my local win10 computer(with a c# app) communicate(via an api or some method) with Blynk, so I can build a Blynk Dashboard and have global control from my iphone/ipad.

PS. I have searched the Blynk website/FAQ/youtube and didn’t find anything. I’m hoping the edge device can be agnostic to Blynk.


Personally, I’d go down the Node-Red route.
You could run this on your primary Win10 device and either stick with the Hive MQTT or run your own MQTT broker on the same Win10 device.
Node-Red has a Blynk plug-in, and works with MQTT, so would act as the glue to tie everything together.

This is a variation of how I run my home automation system but I use a Pi rather than a windows device.
I also communicate with a Modbus device, an EPEVER solar controller, and I actually do this directly in Node-Red, with a Modbus plugin.

For me, Blynk is simply the UI that can run on a phone or tablet, and now on a desktop machine via the web dashboard with the new Blynk IoT.
My other devices (mostly ESP8266 and ESP32 based boards) just run an MQTT pub/sub client and talk to Node-Red, which acts as my rules engine as well as interfacing with Blynk, my solar controller and other services such as Amazon Alexa.


Thanks for the great information Pete! We have a bunch of legacy code that does other stuff using c# on the local computer and so I was first just wondering can c# with the blynk libraries connect? Under getting started(Get started with Blynk in 5 minutes), I see C++, C#, Node-Red, Python, etc, so it seems like it will. Thanks again!

The C# library for Blynk hasn’t been updated for 5 years, so won’t have been updated to be compatible with the current Blynk IoT release.

The C++ library is the only one that gets frequent updates.