Can 2 Arduino Share one ESP8266

I am trying to connect 2 arduino via Wi-fi was just thinking if i could inly use one ESP8266 module.Since both the boards have they unique auth code wont it automatically choose the correct arduino.

Yes, but you need a TCP connection for each board. So this is never going to work.

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I guess i can overcome this problem by Using the wire.h library and the SCL and SDA pins of the arduino.

How do you see that? I’m not sure I can follow you.

You want to make something like Access point from arduino and esp and share internet connection to second arduino? Maybe just send/receive the data to “master” arduino from “slave” and let the master deal with all the communication with the blynk?

I think I’m getting it. You want to use one Arduino as master with a ESP to internet and have the two Arduino’s communicatie via I2C? That’s possible of course. I2C works fine for that, I already tested that. You can however only run one instance of Blynk on the master arduino. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to have the second arduino communicatie to Blynk via I2C.