Camera picture / video with arduino?

Hi guys, is it possible to attach a cheap camera to arduino and make on a button push photos / record videos and send them to app usin blynk ?

@Radu_Lepadatu anything is possible with Blynk.

We have used ESP’s and Pi’s to email photos to us via Blynk.

It’s a little easier with a Pi as it’s a standalone “computer” whereas an ESP / Arduino requires a server to send the photos. With a Zero W and a cheap USB camera it can be done for under $20.

Yeah, but did someone succed? becouse i didn’t find it, also i got the camer and an R3 Uno and I would like to try but Idk where to start… :)))

Do you have access to an online server, other than Blynk?

I don’t have, but i have an Apache Server with Xampp

Well this is outside the normal Blynk stuff but the basics are:

There are several linux “mailers” that will attach images and send you an email. You basically find the url that takes a snapshot from you camera and “put it all together”.

The Arduino UNO itself will not have the ability to process any incoming picture or video stream (unlike say an RPi and it’s Pi Cam or USB cam). The closest I have seen a functional camera/UNO combo is something like the Pixy, but the Pixy does all the heavy work and just sends object/colour parameter data to the Arduino… probably not what you are looking for.

Oh, so to send like one photo if a movement sensor is activated is impossible ?
Then why are there like camera shields for it ? :slight_smile:

Never said impossible… and a shield like this - - is like what I already mentioned with the Pixy, it handles the heavy lifting, not the Arduino.

But your question was can you make a cheap camera (guessing you meant USB) and an UNO R3 take a picture and send (display?) it via Blynk… the answer is still, not really, not with that equipment; You need a particular shield/camera combo. Or go with RPi.

Also, currently Blynk only supports an IP based video streaming widget, no image viewer yet.

Ok, thanks for help, i will document myself and see if i will try. :slight_smile:

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